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Your Go-to Packing Manual

“ Worried about the move? 

We’ve Got you covered with the best tips and tricks! “

It is overwhelming but not impossible

We understand moving to a new destination is an important phase of your life and it might be a daunting task but with the right techniques it can easily be simplified.

We at 1/2 Price Movers are aware of how important your move is. We want your move to go as smoothly as possible. Packing is an important aspect of this trip. You can save time and work efficiently if you pack carefully and methodically. With years of expertise and experience, we have gathered some tips and tricks for you to make your packing experience seamless.

Gather all the necessary supplies

  • Consider getting the right kind and size of boxes for different stuff. Ensure to get sturdy boxes for your valuables which you can easily get from the local market or connect with us for the same. 
  • Packing tape and paper to secure your boxes 
  • Remember to label your boxes with a marker to avoid confusion 
  • Take special care while packing fragile items, keep bubble wrap handy to wrap such items.

Start well in advance With Go-to Packing Manual

  • Do not procrastinate while planning your move. 
  • It’s always wise to make a plan and start packing well in advance to avoid last-minute rush.
  • Go room by room and start your packing with the items rarely used like decorative pieces.
  • Also, pack your valuables whether it is your ornaments, expensive china, or your favorite crockery early to avoid damaging them in haste.

Consider decluttering your stuff

  • Moving to a new home can be a very good opportunity to take a moment and think about items that are no longer useful to you or you might not need in the future. 
  • It would be best if you consider donating them away or disposing them off properly.

Handle the delicate stuff with care

When packing fragile items, remember it’s better to over-protect your valuables than risk breakage during the move.

  • Place heavier fragile items at the bottom of the box and put the lighter ones on the top.
  • Remember to add extra padding, like crumpled paper in the box to fill any gaps.
  • Glassware and crockery should be individually wrapped. You can use bubble wrap, packing paper, or even towels to secure them.

Be careful while handling the furniture and electronics

  • If possible, disassemble furniture to maximize space. Keep tiny parts and screws in bags with labels.
  • Appliances like Your refrigerator or washing machine may require special attention. To prepare them for the move ensure to go through the user manuals.

Label up everything

  • Consider labeling all your boxes clearly to ensure a smooth transition. 
  • Properly mentioning the contents of the boxes makes it easier for both you and the movers to understand where the stuff goes in your new home.

Do Not overpack Follow Our Go-to Packing Manual

  • Never overcrowd your box with too many items.
  • Boxes should be manageable to lift, and overpacking can also lead to breakage or cause an injury.
  • Stack the items carefully, with lighter ones on top and the heavier ones at the bottom.

Organize well before the move day With Go-to Packing Manual

  • Once you’re done packing, consider stacking your boxes like bricks, with each one overlapping the other to create more stability and reduce the risks of anything falling when bumped or knocked
  • Leave a little passage in between, if you arrange your boxes in multiple rows so that it is easier to access them without the risk of toppling over them and getting hurt.

Finally, you are all set for the move. All you gotta do is reserve the day and your Best Local Movers in NYC will take it from there. 

Last but not least, you’ve got the option to do all the packing by yourself or leave this daunting task in the hands of our expert team and relax while we pack all your essentials up for you and move them safely.

Guess what’s the best part? We provide all these services to you at competitive prices because our customers are like family to us!

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